What to do in Bath in 2024

What to do in Bath 2022

What to do in Bath in 2024

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A few weeks ago, Mrs and Miss B&B decided to take a small city break – namely, to our favourite little city, Bath! Follow in our footsteps and you’ll know what to do in Bath in 2024.

Bath is such a lovely place to simply wander. We’ve done the big things, like the Roman Baths and the Royal Crescent, which are fantastic. But this time, we were more than happy to meander around and explore the little side-streets of the city. It has many of the big shops like Primark and H&M, but what we really love are the independent shops.


French Grey Interiors is a lovely shop in Bath
French Grey Interiors is a lovely shop in Bath

One shop that we really loved was French Grey Interiors – we’re always on the look-out for cute little additions for the B&B from independent shops in Somerset. Naturally, French Grey Interiors was right up our alley.

Full of scarves, mugs, and every good thing, we were sorely tempted to buy the entire shop! We were especially tempted by their custom range of candles (handmade in Wiltshire!) In the end we resisted temptation and ended up just buying a cute little sign to remind us to put the hens to bed.

We passed some of our favourite places, such as the Jane Austen Centre and Fashion Museum but we couldn’t stop! We were on a mission – to find our lunch! 

Sally Lunn's signature Bath bun

One of our favourite places to eat in Bath is at Sally Lunn’s. This is a truly historic spot that is a must-do when visiting Bath in 2024. The building is one of the oldest in Bath – it was built around 1483! But we weren’t there just to marvel at the architecture. What we wanted was one of their classic Bath buns, also known as a Sally Lunn bun. 

How to describe a Bath bun? Here’s what Sally Lunn’s says on their website:

There is no truly useful common English word to describe a Sally Lunn Bun as it is part bun, part bread, part cake… A large and generous but very very light bun; a little like brioche/French festival bread…

The buns can be eaten sweet or savoury. It is so hard to choose between them! You can have the buns as a French toast, slathered with lemon curd, or topped with smoked salmon or creamy brie… Clearly, we’ll have to keep going back so we can try them all!

After enjoying two magnificent Bath buns, we headed to one of the best bookshops in Bath – Mr. B’s Emporium of Reading Delights. This bookshop has everything a bookworm like her could ever need – including a chance to have a consultation with their resident bibliotherapist! (We actually got this for her as a Christmas present a few years ago. It involves making a list of your favourite novels, talking to an employee who has a similar taste, and then you’re given some personalised book recommendations! The gift includes £60 to spend on your favourite recommendations.)

It was a fantastic day full of our favourite things to do in Bath.

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