Mindfulness in the Mendips


Mindfulness in the Mendips

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Everyone needs to take a break now and then. Life can get stressful, and if you don’t take a couple minutes every day to decompress, it can feel like everything is piling into a huge mountain of STUFF!

In my opinion, there is no place quite as relaxing as the Somerset countryside, particularly the Mendips. Where we’re situated, all you can hear are the cows mooing, the birds singing and the occasional hen clucking. This time of year is also especially beautiful. The flowers are blooming (somehow – we seem to be accidental green thumbs!) and the fields are full of life. I don’t know about you, but I always find that getting myself outside in the sunshine really helps to melt that stress away and always brings a smile. This is especially true when I watch our dog Jasper romp around our lovely patch. There’s just something about the simplicity and innocence of animals and nature that helps me put any worries in perspective.

I also find that small acts of self-care help keep stress at bay. In all our guest rooms you will find little treasures that we hope will help you to relax and take a breath.  A meditative colouring book and pencils for you to use – nothing is more relaxing than colouring a beautiful pattern whilst listening to the birds sing.  Leaf through a copy of Charlotte Reed’s lovely little book May The Thoughts be with You (which many of our guests say they love and go on to order for themselves or a friend!) while sipping a lovely herbal tea.  The teas you will find in your room are blended right here in Somerset, by Miles Tea and Coffee Merchants – choose from eight different blends.  It’s amazing what little things like colouring a picture, flipping through a little book of mindful quotes or indulging in a restorative mug of herbal tea can do for your mental health.Book-2

Life can be taken at a slower pace here. There’s more time for reflection, meditation, and most importantly, relaxation. So – feeling stressed? Somerset might just be the perfect place for a quick escape.