Pardon our Dust!


Pardon our Dust!

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We decided that relocating countries, buying a house and getting a business up and running wasn’t quite enough excitement for one year so we’re embarking on our next project – a barn conversion! 

We have a lovely old barn that sits right in front of the B&B that was crying out for conversion.  This barn was one of four piggeries that was included in the 165 acres that was the original Hurlingpot Farm.  Hurlingpot Farm was described as a “Very Valuable Dairy Farm” when it was sold off in the 1800’s.  We actually have a copy of the sale poster hanging in our front hallway – an interesting read when you visit us!

10577189_1429707263920765_5917836317557533664_nBut I digress.  On to our construction.  One of our aims when looking for a property was to find one that had a building that could be converted.  Not for more B&B rooms but for my parents, Bill & Bev – that’s them on the left 🙂

Bill has designed the interior of the barn having never actually seen it (he is the best visualiser I know!!) and together with his architect, here in Somerset, they have finalised plans and all was submitted to our local council for approval.  I will admit, the planning process has been somewhat horrendously painful with bat surveys (bats are protected in the UK – happily no bats!) the Heritage Consultant who had to be involved due to the barn being a Grade 2 listed property (she is very thorough!!), planning officers on extended sick leave (he’s better now by the way), building regulations to be passed, highway surveys, etc. etc. etc. but we finally made it to the finish line, received our permission this week and now it’s all ‘go’.  It’s going to be a gorgeous conversion with all the charm and beauty of the building features being retained.

So we have a bit of dust, a couple of digger type machinery vehicles, a tea hut, porta-loo and very polite builders in hard hats on the property.  I am itching to tack up cute bunting all over the tea hut but the guys have sadly declined my offer.  I wonder if they need a knitted tea cosy for their kettle… We do have the best construction firm though (they carried out the conversion on our B&B in 2000 for the previous owners). They get a weekly schedule from us of days they can start early (no guests) and days they can’t so when you come to stay, there’s no worry about being disturbed as they will keep the noisy work confined to those hours when you’re out and about enjoying all that Somerset has to offer.  We’re super happy to be able to keep the B&B up and running during construction which, fingers crossed, will be 5-6 months.

Jasper is involved to – he is keeping an eye on everything and thinks he is being very helpful by digging holes in my garden (it’s an ongoing battle – I guess his dad was called Digger for a reason!).  14680497_10153861318822536_1662509190959964709_n

All being well, Bev and Bill will be moving into “The Old Barn at Hurlingpot Farm” at the end of March. We can’t wait to have them here with us! Oh, and Bev is a great baker so you might just get to sample some of her very best recipes when you stay with us!