The Anatomy of a Breakfast

The best full English you'll get at a bed and breakfast

The Anatomy of a Breakfast

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Here at The Old Stables we love a good and hearty English breakfast – who doesn’t?! However, we’ve got a couple of things that make our breakfasts a little bit special…

Eggs: We love our eggs – no matter whether they’re boiled, scrambled, or fried! Our eggs come from our own free-range hens. Britney, Zoe and Le’Shea (as well as our other girlies) roam throughout the farm and the surrounding fields13735429_10153638703977536_535275885_n

Bacon: Mr B&B is especially proud of his bacon, which he cures right here in the B&B.
It is a week-long process – he covers it with a mixture of salt and brown sugar for 5 days, and then hangs it up to dry (hence why it is called dry, cured bacon). Can confirm – it’s good. Really,  really good.

Sausages:  We think that you’ll find no better sausage than the Lincolnshire Sausage so that’s where ours come from!  Our sausages are supplied by Simon Johnson of Simons Butchers in Spilsby, Lincolnshire.  Prior to becoming Simons Butchers this shop was know as Kelsie’s and it is where Mr. B&B and Simon Johnson began their butchery career together at a very tender age!  They are delicious sausages and we have had rave reviews.  Some guests have even asked for Simon’s information so that they can order some for themselves.  He does ship within the UK if you’re interested!

Fresh herbs: All of our tomatoes and mushrooms in our English breakfasts are topped with herbs that come from our very own herb garden. There’s nothing quite like freshly chopped rosemary and thyme!

Yoghurt/granola: One of our personal favourites, we always have our home-made granola and YeoValley Greek with Honey yoghurt on hand (especially convenient because Yeo Valley is just down the road)! My granola recipe is shamelessly purloined from Felicity Cloake’s! This makes 1 large jar.

13695028_10209070288735307_425389685_n40g coconut oil

120ml honey

½-1½ flaked salt

400g jumbo rolled oats (or half oats, half another grain, like spelt or barley)

200g mixed nuts, roughly chopped (we use pecans, walnuts and macadamias)

50g pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds (we sometimes put chia seeds too!)

50g coconut shavings (available at health food shops)

1 large egg white

80-100g mixed chopped dried apricots, dates and cranberries (or whatever you want really!)


Bread: All of our bread is from our favourite bakery, Burns the Bread. A local staple (if you’re ever in the area, you must try their Glastonbury Pasties, which are divine). The bread makes the best toast in this world!

Jam: Finally, we’ve been trying our hands at making our own jam. We’ve had great results with our vanilla and rhubarb jam, which one of our guests loved so much that they took some home! Smothered on a croissant or a piece of toast, it really is delicious. Strawberry picking is looking like it might be in our future too…

And let’s not forget those giant, fluffy Nana Bev pancakes smoothered in maple syrup….YUM!