What’s new at The Old Stables in 2022

What's new at the Old Stables in 2022

What’s new at The Old Stables in 2022

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There have been a lot of changes at the B&B during the last few months. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new at The Old Stables in 2022 – from dog fields to room makeovers!

Change one: run free, puppies!

One of the biggest changes we made at the Old Stables last year was turning our unused field into a dedicated space for dogs! There are lots of great places to walk your dog near us, but we thought that a fully fenced-off space would be a great addition for any pups that have a bit of extra energy! So in our dog field, your dog can run to their heart’s content.

There’s also a new bench in the field so you can rest whilst your dog rolls in the grass. This is a great spot for sipping on a cup of tea and enjoying an early morning or a beautiful Somerset sunset.

Don’t worry if your dog gets a bit muddy in the field – we know it happens! There are towels in your pup pack, and we’re always happy to provide more if necessary. Plus we’ve installed a new tap for muddy paws in our kitchen renovation!

Change two: green thumbs

If you stayed at The Old Stables near the end of 2021, you may have noticed a new addition! We have (finally) discovered our green thumbs and put up a greenhouse at the end of the garden. We’ve already started planting seeds for flowers that will decorate the B&B in the spring and summer.

Stay tuned in the spring for lots of (hopefully) beautiful photos of our flowers!

Change three: no longer a kitchen nightmare

This is more of a behind-the-scenes change, but it’s a very important one! In January 2022 we completely remodelled our kitchen. It was getting a bit too small for all the pancake flipping and bacon frying that we do everyday!

Our whole kitchen is now newly fitted, with lots of storage plus gorgeous original slate flooring. We’ve added a beautifully remodelled Aga from Blake and Bull in this gorgeous deep green colour. We’re so pleased with how it all looks – this new organisation might make our breakfasts more delicious than ever!

Plus there’s a special addition for our golden retriever Jasper and all of our doggy guests. Outside the kitchen in our courtyard there’s a new hot/cold tap for washing off muddy paws!

Change four: Hayloft gets a facelift

One change that will be obvious to you if you stay with us in 2022 is that our Hayloft room has got a bit of a makeover! This room has a whole new fresh coat of paint, plush new carpeting and a 43″ wall-mounted television. Talk about living in luxury!

Change five: it’s electric

The last change we’ve made to The Old Stables in 2022 is the addition of a charging point for electric vehicles!

We’ve personally made the change to an electric car, so we had a charging point installed. That made us think – what if our guests wanted to use it, too? There are electric charging points close to us, but this is a lot more convenient for everyone.

That’s why we’ve made it free to use for any of our guests with an electric or hybrid vehicle. Just let us know when you would like to use it, and get charging!

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